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World Championship Track (Crews and MegaCrews wish to qualify for Worlds)
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Tedious Details (wink)

Schedule for most events

Subject to change

Battles -10:00 -13:00

Elimination Rounds (pre-selection)
  • Popping Elimination
  • Locking Elimination
  • Bboy 2 vs 2 Elimination
  • Waacking Elimination
  • All Styles Elimination

Battles Round

  • Popping Final 8
  • Locking Final 8
  • Bboy 2v2 Final 8
  • Waacking Final 8
  • All Styles Final 8
*organiser may chose, without notice, to change the order of competition, the number of participants and battle rounds or combine categories
**(qualifies crews for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship)
Please note, the performance space this year is 6m deep by 14m wide.


Crews/Teams 14:00 - 20:00

Juniors* Division (7-12 year olds)

 Novice Junior Teams  5-14 Dancers
Beginner Junior Teams  5-14 Dancers
Intermediate Junior Team (7-12 years old) 5-14 Dancers
WCT Junior Crews  (7-12 years old) 5-8 Dancers**

Varsity* Division (13-17 year olds

Novice Varsity Teams  5-14 Dancers
Beginner Varsity Teams 5-14 Dancers
Intermediate Varsity Team 5-14 Dancers
WCT Varsity Crew 5-8 Dancers**

Adult* Division 18+

Novice Adult Teams  5-14 Dancers
Beginner Adult Teams 5-14 Dancers
Intermediate Adult Team 5-14 Dancers
WCT Adult Crew  5-8 Dancers**

Open* Division (no age limits)

Novice Open Teams 5-14 Dancers
Beginner Open Teams 5-14 Dancers
Intermediate Open Team 5-14 Dancers

MegaCrews/MegaTeams Division

Intermediate Mega Team 15-40 dancers 
WCT MegaCrew 15-40 dancers**




Registration fees are non-refundable.